Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Dinner...

We do a family "candlelight dinner" for Valentines every year and invite my parents to join us.  This year was no exception other than it's always a bummer with Valentines falls of a week night.  I work full time outside my home so on years like this one, I tend to simplify and don't go as overboard as I do when it falls on the weekend.
The Menu.
The beverage "Cupids Love Potion"  it was so cute and festive and tastes delish.  I found it here.
The dinner.  I made Olive Gardens Fettuccine Alfredo, heart fruit kaboobs, spinach strawberry salad and  Olive Garden Breadsticks.  This is my plate, Hubs also made breaded chicken strips for the meat eaters in the fam, which is basically everyone except for me :)  

For dessert, I made the brownie trifle. It was so delish!!!


After dinner, we exchanged gifts and everyone got a goodie bag filled with lots of chocolates and cinnamon hot lips. I found the cute bag toppers here.

It was such a fun night!

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