Friday, February 24, 2012

Irish Block for St. Patrick's Day...

I really need to get my daughter's St. Patrick's Day decor package in the mail so that it can arrive in Florida by March 1st. As with the Valentines deco's that I sent her in February, I am trying to keep them as inexpensive as possible because she will only be there for a few more months and won't have room to bring them home with her when the time comes. I hate the thought of her apartment being holiday decor-less (is that even a word?!) so, regardless of the fact that they will only get used by her once, I still want her to have them. She did say that she knows of a place to donate everything that she can't bring home with her, so hopefully someone will get to enjoy them when she is done. Anyhoodle, (I'm on a non-word roll today!) Here is one of the decorations that I came up with to send her:

Irish blockies:

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you all have lots of crafting plans this weekend, I know I do!

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