Thursday, January 5, 2012

Altered Zebra Lamp Shade.....

I've posted before about being knee deep in zebra stripes for my daughters room redo. As one of her Christmas gifts, I made her a darling zebra striped, feathered and jeweled lamp shade. It was super easy!
The supplies:
*Zebra striped lampshade (I found this one at Walmart)

* hot pink feather boa

*some hot pink jewel strands

*some silver beads

I glued the feathers around the top and bottom of the lamp shade and then divided the jewels and beads onto about 7 smaller strands (I used clear thread to strand them on).  I placed a small silver bead in between each hot pink one and then used a needle to attach the strands to the lamp shade.

The finished product:

It looks so stinking cute on the desk that we made for her (post on that coming soon)!

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