Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine Love Blocks...

I mentioned before that my cute daughter has moved to Florida to work at Walt Disney World under their college program.  She has a super cute apartment with 5 roommates.  The only problem?  They have ZERO decorations (GASP!), we can't have that!  I spent this past weekend working away on some Valentines decorations for their place.  I used only materials that I had on hand and also tried to keep it minimal because she won't have room in her luggage to bring them home when she is done in four months.  Obviously I wasn't going to spend a ton of money on something that i know will most likely get thrown away.  I suppose that I could have her ship the couple that I really love back before she leaves though.  Something to think about... Anyhoodle, here is one of the deco's that I made for her:

Very simple and because I had all of the supplies on hand, they didn't cost me a thing to make.  I hope she loves them :)

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