Tuesday, January 1, 2013

DIY Gingerbread Man Ornament (Tutorial)...

Every holiday, we do a craft for the kids.  Typically at our family Christmas dinner, we decorate Gingerbread houses, my sister lives an hour away, so it is hard for her to get the gingerbread houses home in one piece.  Because of that, I decided to have the kids make an ornament this year.  We have kids ranging in age 4-20 years so we I decided that gingerbread men would be cute for everyone.
This was the demo gingerbread man that I came up with:

Cardboard Colored Card stock
Red Ribbon
Gingham ribbon
White Puffy Paint
Black and red brads

Beforehand, I hand cut or each gingerbread man.  The shape is pretty basic, so it was easy to do.  Then we hold punched spots for the ribbon hanger, the eyes and the nose.  This kids placed the black brads in the eye holes and the red in the nose hole.  Then they made their ribbon bow ties, glued the buttons on and tied the ribbon hanger.  We did the puffy paint last so that it could dry without getting smudged.

Super easy, the kids had fun, and they turned out darling!  I ended up making about a dozen extra to use as a garland next year too :)

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