Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Frightening Feast...

Yay! I remembered to take pix of our Halloween dinner. They aren't the greatest, but I had to do it quick before the hungry mob attacked, LOL! We go for the grosser the better theory here :)

I made cards to go by each dish, I downloaded the digital paper from .photocardboutique

Bloody Eyeballs.  How fun are these?  The recipe can be found HERE.

For the moldy salad, I just used my regular potato salad recipe and mixed in some of the green gel food coloring and let it sit in the fridge over night.

The furry spiders.  So yeah, I should have removed the tin foil balls from their legs before I  took the pix, but hey, we are just proud that I actually did take any right?  The recipe can be found HERE   They were really tasty, I just left the ham out of mine but it would have been easy to add a few veggies to them.

After they were done:

The food tables completely set up.

To drink, we enjoyed "Curdled Blood"  It's a terrific drink for any holiday.  I just mix a 48 oz bottle of chilled cranberry cocktail juice with a chilled bottle of sparkling mineral water and a can of frozen apple juice with 2 cans of water.  Slice a lemon thinly and let float on top.  I didn't get pix of our "Snot Cubes" but I just pour lemon lime kool-aid in ice cube trays, add gummy bugs and freeze over night.  Add one or two to each glass of "curdled blood"  as the ice cube melts, the gummy bug will sink to the bottom of the glass and is a nice "surprise" as one finishes their drink!
It really was such a fun night.

 My parents and Miss Cherish also joined us. I hate when Halloween is on a school day/night because it feels so rushed and I just don't have the time to make fun Halloween breakfast and lunch. I'm glad we were able to do dinner together though we missed Mel and Brett and their families. These things just aren't the same without them!I hope you all had a fun, safe and happy Halloween as well!

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