Monday, November 14, 2011

Decorated Wood Letters....

For the last 4 years, my daughters room has been in red, gold and black for her high school colors. Now that she has graduated, we made our basement into a mini-apartment for her and want to redo the theme of her room. She is a girly girl and has chosen zebra stripes and hot pink. I'm so excited to decorate it! I had made these wood letters for her with her old color scheme:

They now look like this:

I used embroidery paper for the hot pink ones because it was nice and thick.  It almost felt like wall paper:

For the white ones, I used felt.  It gives them a nice fuzzy texture:

I added ribbon to each one so that we can hang them on her wall:

And embellished them as well:

She loves rhinestones:

And sparkles:

And she was thrilled with how they turned out:

I have so many fun ideas to go with this theme!  Now I just need more time to get it all done :)

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