Monday, March 31, 2014

Easter Bunny Door Hanger for Spring (Tutorial)

I look forward to Spring every year because it means flowers, green grass, sunshine and Easter!  One of my New Year's resolutions is to make a wreath/door hanger for every month/holiday (so far, I've kept up!) so I was cruising around Hobby Lobby the other day trying to decide what to do for my Easter Wreath.  I already have my cute plastic Easter Egg wreath found HERE but I really have wanted something with a bunny theme.  So here are the supplies that I bought:

And this is what I made.  Seriously one of the easiest wreaths ever:

Supplies Needed:
2 foam wreaths, one larger than the other
Bow tie (or material to make your own)
Ribbon (I used 1 1/2 Spools of white satin)
Bunny ears head band
Thick craft wire
Hot glue/hot glue gun or straight pins

To Make:
Wrap your ribbon around each wreath.  You can either secure the ends with hot glue, or a pin.  

To attach the body wreath to the head wreath, I cut about a 2 inch piece of thick craft wire and stuck half of it in the bigger wreath, hot glued the top of the wreath and then stuck the rest of the wire in the smaller wreath and held until the glue dried (I stuck the wire in between the ribbon so that I didn't have to put a hold in it.)

Make your pom poms from the yarn (a good tutorial can be found HERE by Creature Comforts Blog) and tie them at varies lengths from the bunnies "neck", then attach the bow tie around it.

Finally, I put the bunny headband around the bunnies "head" and attached it with straight pins underneath the headband so that they couldn't be seen (You could do this with hot glue.).

That's it!  Your done!  How cute is he on my door?

I love him :)

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