Monday, March 17, 2014

3 Easy & Super Cute St. Patrick's Day Decorations

I can't believe that it's already St. Patrick's Day!  I feel like I didn't get to make all of the cute decorations that I had planned on!  I guess there is always next year right?  Here are a few quick and easy ones that I did make this year:

1- Lucky Sign with Horseshoe "U":

 This was so easy to make.  I used an old board, cut my LCKY stencil out using my Silhouette Cameo, painted it, nailed the horse shoe "U" in with real horse shoe nails and added the hanger:

2- Shamrock and Burlap Door Hanger:
I actually bought the wood for this at the Wood Connections store in SLC a couple of months ago, so it was super easy to just paint, sand, nail together and attach the bow and little shamrocks.

3- Easy Leprechaun Clay Pot Hat:

 This idea has been around for awhile, I just hadn't ever gotten around to making one.  It seriously took 15 minutes.  So easy!

4- Hand stitched Clover Trio:
Anyone that knows me, knows that sewing is not my strong point, nor is it something that I have ever loved to do, so if I can make this anyone can!  I just cut the clovers out of material using a cardboard template and then stitched them to a thick canvas type material with embroidery floss and then framed it.

I also have to add a picture of 2014's March Hutch all decked out in greens:
Happy St. Patty's Day, I hope you have a wonderful one :)

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