Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sign Made From an Old Board

I found an old board about 2 years ago and refused to throw it away.  Hubs called me a hoarder.  I told him that it had potential and that I was going to make it fabulous.  I've been debating about what to do with it since then:
I didn't think to take a picture of it until after I had put the first coat of white paint on.  Isn't she beautiful?!  As I painted, Hubs again called me a hoarder and teased me.  I told him that he was going to have to admit that I was right and he was wrong when I was finished.  He just rolled his eyes.

Here she is:

Hubs took one look at it and immediately apologized.  Oh ye of little faith!

One of these days he is going to learn to just believe me!  I love how it looks hanging in my kitchen:

I think that I will "Enjoy" it for years to come!

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