Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day BBQ Gift Basket....

If the men in your life are grill masters like the ones in my life are, this is the perfect Dad's day gift!  Last year we got Hubs a super duper new stainless steel outdoor BBQ grill for father's day.  To go along with it, I made him and my daddy-o gift baskets full of grilling supplies.

For the basket portion of the bucket, I found these nice ice/champagne buckets and used my Cricut to cut their names out in vinyl and placed them on the buckets.  It gave them a nice personal touch.  I put "Poppa" on my dads because that's what the kids call him and, "WHUB" on my hubby's because that is my nickname for him:

Then, I bought a ton of nice BBQing supplies such as spatula's, wire brushes, oven mitts, mini meat thermometer's, skewers, tongs, etc. and placed them in the bucket with some gift basket filler:

I made these cute "apron" cards to attach:

Then, I just wrapped it all up in cellophane, attached the card with curling ribbon, and ta-da!

It was the perfect gift to go with a brand new grill!


  1. That is a great idea!! Love it!! Tell WHUB Happy Father's Day for me.

    1. Thanks Marisa! We had a great day, hope you did as well :)


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