Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happiest Place On Earth...

Taking a break!  We are going to visit our beautiful daughter in Orlando for a week.  She has been doing an internship at Walt Disney World working in a gift shop on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.  I'm so excited to see her and for my Hubs and our son to get to experience Walt Disney World, neither have been there before.  I'm not organized enough to have pre-scheduled any posts or guest posts, so I'm just taking a break and will be back at it in about 10 days.  I hope you all have as much fun as I intend to, I can't wait to catch up with you all when I get back!
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Have a safe trip. Hubby and son are going to love it and you have to go to Rainforest Cafe. Check out my blog when you get back, I made a pink/zebra topiary that I wanted you to see. Have a great time.

    1. Thanks Marisa, we had a blast. I hope your move is going well :)

  2. Fun! Hope you guys have a good time!!

  3. Thanks so much, it was a wonderful trip!


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